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Terms of service


These terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all orders, agreements and offers of Längle Glas GmbH. It is exclusively Austrian law. Ö standards and EN standards are the basis of offers and orders. (Order: individual contract, these terms and conditions, the UGB and the ABGB

Orders (written or oral) are considered accepted if we have confirmed them in writing. This can be done by order confirmation, delivery note or invoice.


All offers are non-binding. Our proposal basics apply. Solutions proposed by us, plans, sketches, samples, models, catalogs, illustrations and other technical documents are our intellectual property. Any use, use and publication requires expressly our consent.

Technical terms and conditions

For all glazings, the relevant Ö standards and Vorarlberger technical guidelines apply. The delivery is in commercial quality. The tolerances with regard to thickness, length and width, hole diameter and position claimed by the supplier are deemed approved by the client. Differences in color and structure are production related and do not constitute grounds for complaint. Scratches and inclusions in the glass are grounds for complaint only if they are visible to the eyes in diffused light in front of a multicolored background at a distance of at least 1m and therefore impair the view.

Warranty, examination and reprimand

The warranty period is 6 months - provided that:
- The goods are promptly inspected for any defects upon acceptance
- The defects are notified to the contractor in writing within 8 days
- The customer has complied with all requirements regarding maintenance
- The goods are used properly
- No carried out improvement work without the approval of the client
- The client has complied with his contractual obligations 
The warranty period begins on the day of delivery, at the latest with the completion of the assembly work.

Glass breakage is excluded from the warranty.

Compensation for business transactions

Any claims for damages that exceed the claims arising from the warranty are excluded (except in cases of gross negligence and intent). Goods left to us for processing (such as windows and doors for repair) are only processed at the risk of the client.

Retention of title

Until full payment incl. All ancillary claims, the goods - regardless of their condition - remain our unrestricted property - even if they are processed or used.

Delivery times

Delivery dates are not binding and can be exceeded without delay by up to 3 weeks - unless a fixed date has expressly been agreed upon in writing. The delivery period starts at the earliest when the client has fulfilled all his obligations, which are necessary for the execution, and in particular has fulfilled all technical and contractual details, preparatory work and preparatory measures (for example in order to provide measure clarity)

The delivery period is extended appropriately if:
- There are subsequent changes
- If obstacles occur and despite diligence are not averted (f.e. failure of employees and machines, fire, official measures to omit)
- If due to technical difficulties other constructions must be accomplished first
- If the client or third parties are not timely with their work to be carried out
- If weather or other external circumstances (f.e. work on other buildings in danger or assembly area, lack of accessibility) affect the safety of the installation personnel or the quality of the service

During installation work, the client must take all precautions to ensure that our work begins on the construction site and can be carried out undisturbed. Particular attention needs to be paid to adequate working and storage areas, solid ground and protected underground for the erection of scaffolding, movement possibilities for trucks and crane vehicles, snow removal.

The work is always to be taken over upon completion (that is also valid for partial work). If no formal takeover takes place, the lack of justified objections means that the work is deemed to have been taken over from the point of actual completion. Upon completion of the service, all risks are the clients responsibility.

Prices are valid at factory, packaging excluded.

Prices, payment

The prices are valid at factory, unpacked, plus VAT. according to agreed terms of payment. If not agreed, immediately after receipt of the goods without any deductions. Payments are deemed to have been made with receipt on our account. If the service is charged to a third party at the request of the client, this does not change the obligations of the client. If several claims are open, incoming payments will be counted against older claims (regardless of the order of the principal)

Place of performance, jurisdiction

Place of performance is the registered office of the contractor's company. Contract language is German. Jurisdiction A-6800 Feldkirch.

Längle Glas GmbH 16.10.2012


Proposal basics

All our offers are based on our "General Terms and Conditions" and the applicable Ö standards or EN standards.

The following prerequisites apply for the quotation:

1. The installation location is up to the 2nd floor at the most. Access to the installation site is freely accessible and not difficult. The transport of the materials to the construction site can take place unhindered and without time delay. The way to the installation site is easily by foot accesible, clean and even.

2. The installation location is free when measuring and the installation location is clearly marked. All subsequent components are already completed at the date of the inspection, otherwise production is on schedule. All plan dimensions must then be adhered to by the companies that create the connection components. The meter level is clearly recognizable both at the time of measurement and during installation.

3. If the use of a crane is required, a suitable parking space with sufficient soil carrying capacity is available. The access is possible without hindrance. The use of the crane is not calculated if the demand from the request is not clearly identifiable.

4. Scaffoldings over 4 meters are provided by the customer. For the scaffoldings we bring a solid and even surface is provided by the customer.

5. Electricity, light and water are available free of charge at the construction site.

6. Our assembly work is not hindered by other craftsmen or other persons. When producing high-quality glasses, breakage or mistakes can occur. Penalties and consequential costs can not be accepted.

7. All our work for one order can be done at once. There are no interruptions or partial assemblies required.

8. The components on which our work is connected to, have the corresponding statics and are ÖNORM compliant. These components correspond to the plan in terms of angle and dimensions. Any agreements are documented in writing.

9. There is sufficient space for intermediate storage of our materials on the construction site.

10. All preliminary work required beforehand by other craftsmen is completed before the start of our assembly.

11. For questions and problems, the local construction coordinator (site manager, architect, client, ...) is available at short notice.

12. In the event of subsequent changes to the plan, construction and execution, we will charge any additional expenses that occur.

13. In case of ambiguity or differences of opinion in the plans and specifications provided by the client, we reserve the right, after prior agreement with the client or architect, to make price adjustments even after the order has been confirmed.

14. Subject to the credit check, the offer is valid for a maximum of 2 months from the date of issue. In the case of a negative credit check, we reserve the right to cancel the contract. Already provided services will be charged. The offered prices are valid only on acceptance of all offered positions.

15. Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms of payment apply. 30% deposit on order, 30% before start of work, balance is due after completion. In case of delays in the execution of the work, if applicable, performance cards will be issued.

16. We reserve the right to charge un-calculated additional expenditure according to expenditure.

Längle Glas GmbH