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Ship elevator, Niederfinow

Project: The ship elevator Niederfinow measures 60 m in height and is considered a technical masterpiece.
The project was initiated by the waterway building authority in Berlin. Surpassing a height of 36 m the elevator transports vessels from the Oder-Havel-Canal to the Alte Oder. The 133 m long and 55 m high structure can transport up to 115 m long and 11 m wide ships.

Location: Hebewerkstrasse 52 | 16248 Niederfinow | Germany

Surface: RAL 9007 (Graualuminium)
Contractor: ARGE "Neues Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow" | Bilfinger Berger Ingenieurbau GmbH
DSD Brückenbau GmbH | Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH und Co. KG | SIEMAG Tecberg GmbH
Builder: Wasserstrassen Neubauamt Berlin
Main dimensions ship canal lift: height over area: 54,55 m | width: 46,40 m | length: 133,00 m

Product: Al-Wall Flat and AL-Wall

Completion: 2017