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Liberty Park, World Trade Center, NYC

Project: Liberty Park, World Trade Center Vent D. A decorative ventilated glass facade presents an esthetic solution for WTC’s Vent D structure. The utilitarian edifice, framed by Greenwich Street to the east and the future WTC Tower 5 to the south, provides ventilation for the parking structure below the Liberty Park pedestrian plaza.

The vent’s sensitive location – atop the elevated walkway in the south-east corner of the new park – required an elegant facade that would harmonize with its beautifully landscaped surroundings, while providing the required moisture protection and ventilation benefits. The brilliant white glass creates a clean, bright exterior, transforming the utilitarian structure into a good neighbor to Santiago Calatrava’s upcoming St. Nicholas church.

The back-ventilated AL-Wall Flat glass cladding system stops over 90% of wind-driven moisture. The remaining >10% dissipates through drainage and evaporation. Simultaneously, the open joins of the system ensure continuous air flow, assisting ventilation.

Location: 1155 6th Ave | New York, NY 10036 | USA

Architect: AECOM
Installation: WBE Sheet Metal Inc., Amityville, NY
Surface area: 700 sq. ft.


Completion: 2017

Photo courtesy: Said Elieh