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WALL LITE effects with light

NEW! State-of-the-art wall with light

Effects with glass & light. Are you searching for a new fresh solution for interiors and entrance areas? Our unconventional wall panels are based on the principles of our high quality AL-WALL system. The adapted and further developed system enables glass to be presented in an elegant way. A special feature: Light tubes installed and concealed behind the glass panes illuminate the glass completely and create exceptional light effects. Positive moods and emotions can be enhanced with different light sources.

AL-WALL LITE system in detail

Any number of glass panes are mounted and combined to one element via a simple twist & clip system. Glass sizes, -colours and surface structures are adapted according to the clients specific requirements. The individual glass panes can be changed quickly and easily at any time.

The linear backlighting is installed directly behind the glass panels in the rails of the clips. Special LED lenses ensure even distribution of the light and create a special luminous effect of glass and light. There are almost no limits to your creative imagination. Colour temperature and light intensity can be freely selected. Optionally it can be controlled remotely and adjusted via a dimmer.

United Club Lounge – Fort Lauderdale | USA
United Club Lounge – Fort Lauderdale | USA

Glass shelves – Lite Board

Another add-on feature are the practical glass shelves. They are excellent presentation surfaces in shop design. Directly installed onto the glass panes different overhangs and sizes are available to choose from.

Quick & easy assembly. Simple & fast replacement of glass panels. Various glass elements can be used. Individually adapted applications. Easy cleaning possible.


AL-WALL LITE components

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Add-on: glass shelf

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