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WALL facade systems

Protective glass skin - imbricated cold facades with AL-WALL

With the facade system AL-WALL glass panes can be fastened horizontally imbricated. The panes are placed into the retainers and positioned with clamping brackets. The used glass panes may have thicknesses from 6 - 19 mm according to the requirements. Furthermore the AL-WALL system is perfectly suited for the fastening of photovoltaic elements.

All visible external screws consist of stainless steel A4 and are attractively countersunk in the retainer. A special security screw makes the AL-WALL retainer vandal-proof. AL-WALL can be fixed to steel or aluminium substructures, but also to timber constructions and timber walls. The installation of the retainers and the glass fixing on site is easy and time-saving as tolerances of the substructure are taken up in all directions.

The retainers are available in aluminium anodised EV1 and in any RAL colours which enables an individual, project-specific colour adjustment.

Farmer's House - Freiburg  | Germany
Farmer's House - Freiburg | Germany

Realizing Design ideas with BIM

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D-model based process, which provides information and tools for efficient planning, design and construction of bulidings and infrastructures.

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