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Farmers' House, Freiburg

Project: The Farmers' House showcases natural wood in its most beautiful form. The double imbricated glass facade showcases a highly weather proof glass frontage and allows for fascinating light reflections. This passive house is a perfect example of sustainable and modern architecture.

Location: Farmer's House | Merzhauser Straße 110 | 79100 Freiburg im Breisgau | Germany

Architect: Werkgruppe Lahr
Owner: Badischer Landwirtschaftlicher Hauptverband e.V.
Installation: Holzbau Dipl.-Ing. Karl Langenbach GmbH
Glas safety: Laminated
Substructure: Solid wood
Surface: 14,000 sq. ft.

Product: AL-Wall DS

Completion: 2014

Award: Money-Saving Products 2016

„Due to the horizontal and vertical overlap and proper ventilation of the facade is it a highly effective protection against wet weather conditions including driving rains. Therefore we decided to implement this unique system.“

„We just couldn‘t imagine to cover such an attractive wood house with plaster.The wish for a transparent weather cover generated the idea for the glass skin.“
- Adelbert Hassler, architect, Werkgruppe Lahr