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Arts Centre, St. Nazaire

Projekt: Lift and staircase glazing for the leisure and Arts Centre in Saint-Nazaire.

Location: Place François Blancho | 44600 Saint-Nazaire | France

Architect: LIN Finn Geipel - Giulia Andi, Berlin
Builder: City of Saint-Nazaire
Installation: Ateliers David, Guérande  
Glass safety: 5/64" x 85/16" float glass, unhardened, laminated with 2 layers of yellow PVB on the side facing the city 
Substructure: 3 15/16 ″ x3 15/16 ″ galvanised square tubing 
Surface area: 1571,53 sq. ft.

Product: AL-WALL

Completion: 2007