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Show turbine, Pernegg

Project: From 2010 to 2013 the power plant in Pernegg, Austria was overhauled and modernised. A new and contemporary show turbine encased in an imbricated glass facade from Längle was implemented. As the most powerful hydroelectric power station on the river Mur it also contains Austrias first show turbine museum.

Location: Am Murfeld | 8132 Pernegg an der Mur | Austria

Surface: approx. 1940 sq. ft.
Architect: Paul Michael Pilz, Graz
Owner: Verbund Hydro Power AG, Deutschfeistritz (A)
Installation: Zenz GmbH, Trautmannsdorf (A)
Glass safety: Toughened glass 3/8", Heat Soak Test
Substructure: Steel

Product: AL-WALL

Completion: 2012