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One Hudson Yards, NYC

Project: One Hudson Yards, Manhattan.

Ventilated glass facades can be used on low, mid, and high-rise buildings. One Hudson Yards is a residential high-rise in Manhattan’s luxurious West Chelsea neighborhood. Building owners selected the innovative system for its timeless aesthetic appeal and ease of use. It conceals rooftop utilities behind translucent white laminated Soar™ glass, held by patented mechanical attachments (fittings).

Davis Brody Bond architects designed the customized cladding system. Fittings were developed to allow the glass to be attached from the interior, making it easier to glaze and deglaze panels from the rooftop, rather than the exterior of the building. This expedited the glazing process, while facilitating post-installation maintenance. The ventilated glass facade can be back-lit at night, creating a luminous crown. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, it effectively shields utility installations against high winds and wind-driven moisture.

Location: 1 Hudson |  NY 12534 | USA

Product: AL-WALL

Completion: 2017

Photos: Bendheim