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JCCC Fine Arts and Design Studios, Kansas

Project: New building for JCCC Arts + Design Studios

The new Fine Arts + Design Studios building of Johnson County Community College (JCCC) combines several design disciplines at one location. Carefully planned, the building will act for students art installations. It will also be the functional und optical connection between the other facilities on campus.

The 170 feet wide facade features a special type of glass, which creates a highly white and illuminating effect. This makes the surface an ideal platform for art projections.

Standort: 12345 College Blvd | Overland Park | KS 66210 | USA

Architect: BNIM Architects
Installation: JEDUNN Construction
Completion: 2019

“Instead of being in the shadow, it actually glows... It is interesting, because it becomes a lighting element on the north face of the building, which would normally be in the shadow.” — John Collier, AIA, Associate Principal, BNIM

Photo courtesy: Bendheim