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3001 Orchard Parkway, San Jose

Project: Innovative glass rainscreen transforms a Silicon Valley office building from dated to chic using Längle Glas fastening sytems.

Location: 3001 Orchard Parkway | San Jose | CA 95134 | USA

Surface: approx. 5,000 sq. ft.
Architect: MODULUS
Glass safety: Laminated         

Product: Al-WALL FLAT

Completion: 2014

"Faced with the challenge of turning a non-descript circa 1980 building into something special, we turned to the possibilities of what we could create using the Längle clip rainscreen as a key element. With the conceptual approach of a jeweled screen to modernize and accentuate the existing massing, the system proved to be a perfect match unachievable through any other avenue. Both its cost and ease of installation resulted in a newly transformed building garnering great attention and accolades throughout the technology driven Silicon Valley, with a façade and image unlike any other in the area. It was without question a huge success and we're anxious to use this product again in new and inventive ways as we transform the face of what buildings and architecture can be." — David Fenster, AIA LEED AP, MODULUS      

"It was our first time installing Längle rainscreens, but hopefully not the last. Everything went very smoothly, and the process was straightforward and surprisingly stress-free from start to finish, especially when you consider that tenants were in and out of the building while we were mounting the system. The Bendheim team was very responsive and a pleasure to work with. We are very proud of how the installation came out and of our part in this beautiful transformation." — Christine Jacobs, Classic Glass, Inc.   

Photo courtesy (1-2) by MODULUS