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Holiday Inn Hafencity, Hamburg

Project: Holiday Inn Hafencity, Hamburg

Location: Überseeallee 15 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany

Builder: ECE project management G.m.b.H. & Co. KG, Heegbarg 30, 22391 Hamburg
Architect: Schaub & Partner Architekten, Ferdinandstr. 25, 20095 Hamburg
Installation: Geerds Metallbau GmbH, Poppenbütteler Bogen 62, 22399 Hamburg
Glass: Laminated safety glass 2x8mm semi-tempered glass with 3x0,38mm white matt foil and 1x0,38mm transparent polyvinyl butyral foil
Surface: Canopy outside - width approx. 9,0m, depth approx. 5,0m
Wall covering inside: Width approx. 3/8", depth approx. 5/64"

Product: AL-WALL

Completion: November 2018

An inviting solution for the canopy in the entrance area of the Holiday Inn Hafencity in Hamburg.
The joints of the glazing have transparent silicone gaskets to prevent insects coming in and transverse radiation of the lighting.
The new canopy is illuminated by a total of 54 LED light bars á 1251mm lg.
On the inside Al-Wall acts as wall cladding. The interior of the canopy construction is accessible via a maintenance bridge.