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Fort Malakoff passage, Mainz

Project: The new roofing bridge of the Fort Malakoff-Passage in Mainz connects two pavilions.
The assignment demanded to design and build a pedestrian-friendly, wind and weather proof passage, that connects the round and the square pavilions. The pavilions are located on top of a flat roof covered with greenery.
The connection consists of a hot galvanized steel construction, an imbricated glass facade, a covering of powder coated aluminum sheets, a layer of folded aluminum sheets including the necessary cut-outs and stainless steel grating.
Assembly was carried out exclusively on the roof. Therefore special and careful planning was needed to make this a succesful project.

Location: Rheinstraße 4n | 55116 Mainz | Germany

Builder: UBS Real Estate GmbH, represented by ZERNA building management Real Estate GmbH
Installation: Alberti Metallbau GmbH
Substructure: hot galvanized steel construction

Product: AL-WALL

Completion: 2015