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Astrid-Lindgren-School, Frankfurt/Main

Project: In order to renovate and refresh the school gyms in Frankfurt a modular gym system was developed. This newly designed system was implemented for the Astrid-Lindgren-School.
Built as a passive building the construction grid reflects a visual rhythm, which divides the facades and the interior spaces horizontally and vertically.
The glass skin consists of satined glass surfaces held in place with our aluminum glass-fastening system. Colourful accents are achieved through depositing different coulors for each glass-fastening. The glass skin reflects playfully depending on the immediate surroundings.

Standort: Platenstrasse 75 | 60389 Frankfurt am Main | Germany

Architect: D‘Inka Scheible Hoffmann Architekten
Builder: City of Frankfurt am Main (D) 

Product: AL WALL DS

Completion: 2011

Auszeichnung Beispielhaftes Bauen in Hessen, 2010
Vorarlberger Holzbaupreis 2015: Baukastensystem in Passivbauweise, Käthe-Kollwitz-Schule

Other schools in Frankfurt built with the Gym Modular System:
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Albrecht-Dürer-School, 2011
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