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OFFICE partitions

Creating individual atmospheres with Längle glass systems

In modern interior construction, not only good design is required. Functionality, versatility and easy assembly of our products are equally imperative to us. With our glass partition wall system for interior spaces and offices, you have countless design options and the freedom of choice.

New perspectives with creative solutions for private and commercial offices. Elegant room within room acoustic solutions. Partitions in your living area will be tailored to customer requirements. Our glazing systems use minimal fastening parts and is therefore highly transparent and light in feeling.

HPI office - Geretsried | Germany

AL-OFFICE / XL / NY / TT in detail

The AL-OFFICE glass partition system stands out with its various design possibilities, its minimalist design and tested sound insulation. Glass thicknesses of 5/16“ in to 5/8“ in for the fixed parts are possible, depending on the noise protection requirements. All-glass doors allow for optimum light transmission and let spaces appear very open. Tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass panes with 5/16“ up to 5/8“ can be used.

AL-OFFICE is a dry glazed partition system with the greatest possible flexibility. Various conventional door hinge and lock types can be inserted into the frame without drilling or milling. The door leaf can be adjusted in height in order to compensate for any construction tolerances. This easy adjustment is guaranteed by the use of the patented hammer head nuts.

An additional advantage for quick assembly is the use of EPDM push-in seals instead of laborious siliconizing for wet-sealed solutions.


Sound insulation. Easy hinge mounting (no drilling). Silicone free. Matching cable channels. Door 5/16“–1/2“ (also laminated safety glass). Fixed parts 5/16“-1 1/8“ (also laminated safety glass). Planet drop-down seal. Halogen- and PVC-free gaskets. Installation training on site. Made-to-measure solutions. Made in Austria.


REALIZING DESIGN IDEAS WITH BIM. For architects, engineers and contractors.
More productivity, better work quality and more creativity with BIM!
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D-model based process, which provides information and tools for efficient planning, design and construction of buildings and infrastructures.
Available with Autodesk Revit Project Programm (rvt) BIM for AL-OFFICE, XL, NY and TT. Get in touch with our Director of Technical Design & Product Management: jan.hajdinjak@langleglas.com


AL-OFFICE door frame profiles

AL-BASIS-G (glass connection) | AL-BASIS-W (wall connection)

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Product description for Basis profiles.

AL-OFFICE fixed glazing profiles


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Product description for FRAME profiles.

AL-OFFICE XL and NY door frame profiles

AL-BASIS-G-XL (glass connection) | AL-BASIS-W-XL (wall connection)

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Product description for Basis XL profiles.

AL-OFFICE XL and NY fixed glazing profiles


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Product description for FRAME XL profiles.


Made-to-measure solutions. Excellent service. Made in Austria.